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We are offering following services:

Volvo Penta contractors: new and used engines

— Maintenance and repair work on motors and drives

Conversion for Lake Constance permit (BSO II)
— TÜV approval: trailers and boats

— Winterizing/Spring service

— Launching into water/Hauling from water incl. Transporting
— Winter storage
— Bottom coating
— Customizing and care of covers, tarpaulins and upholstery
— Tuning & Performance increase
— Consultation and installation of technical accessories

Parts and Engines
— Oldtimer Revisions
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Lake Constance approval

Our Services for Lake Constance approval (BSO) for you

MIZU P-Max BSO II Conversion Kits

For engines with catalytic converterFor engines without catalytic converter
MIZU BSO II conversion kit 4,3 ltr.MIZU P-Max conversion kit complete 4,3 ltr.
MIZU BSO II conversion kit 5,0 ltr.MIZU P-Max conversion kit complete 5,0 ltr.
MIZU BSO II conversion kit 5,7 ltr.MIZU P-Max conversion kit complete 5,7 ltr.
MIZU P-Max conversion kit complete 7,4 ltr.
MIZU P-Max conversion kit complete 8,2 ltr.

In order to allow a motorboat on Lake Constance, the legal requirements must be observed. The most important part of these regulations is the exhaust emissions of the engine, as Lake Constance is Germany's largest drinking water reservoir.

For a few years, most manufacturers have also thought about the emission of their boat engines and build a catalytic converter at the factory. However, these have in part only one release for an engine in the boat. If you have a boat with a twin engine or a non-factory tested engine, you must have the engine or engines upgraded. MIZU Technology GmbH is the first supplier in the world to have tested pollutant emissions from marine engines, either in gasoline or gas operation, to the BSO Level 2 Lake Constance norm. The success of this technology confirms the leading position in the marine sector. The MIZU-Technology petrol engine technology reduces the CO² emissions and ensures a more economical consumption. The mounting systems are characterized by controlled exhaust emissions, as well as ready to install and TÜV tested components. The system is delivered with an emission test certificate. Currently the P-Max systems are only available for engines with an injection system.

The costs for the conversion depend on the engine installed in your boat.

If your boat has outlets for the bilge and / or wash basin and toilet, then they must be closed to obtain the certificate "Lace Constance approval". There are additional costs for this work.

We are happy to work with you, a suitable offer for you to make your boat for Lake Constance fit and get the popular and necessary certificate. Just contact us by phone: 07731/90670 or by e-mail:


Here you can find our Volvo Penta Boat Engines offer

Boat Gas Station on Lake Constance

The MIZU Technology company opened the gas station for boats in Constance on the powder tower on June 5, 2008.

After a long planning phase, the renovation of the gas station in Constance was finally completed in 2020. We are able to supply the customers with petrol and diesel again. The footbridge shines in new splendor. The well+being of our customers in form of refreshments and snacks is not neglected this time. We put our kiosk into operation, so that you can enjoy a delicious ice cream or get chilled drinks. Another specialty are our "Gendarme" sausages with mustard and crunchy fresh rolls.

The opening times, the telephone number, address and the application for customer card can be found on:

Boat Gas Station Page


Boot Trailer Vanclaes

You are the proud owner of a motorboat but do not have a trailer?

Trailer Vanclaes bootstrailer kaufen konfigurator

Then we have just the right thing for you. With us you will find trailer for every boat.

New at MIZU — Vanclaes Trailer! Simply select and configure your trailer.

We are also happy to take care of customs clearance for our Swiss customers, as well as export and import.

Just contact us for further information.

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