The Cobrey Yachts shipyard, family owned, based in Warsaw Poland, has been building sporty yachts and motor boats since 2004 and sells them all over Europe. With the beginning of the cooperation in 2013 with the constructors and designers of the Italian INO Group Design, Cobrey Yachts started the development of their new line. To convey a yacht feeling, this design approach was impressively implemented by the design studio in all Cobrey yacht models of the new line. The layout inside and outside is very innovative and modern and the feeling of space is, as it is not expected in a boat of this size. Lots of daylight inside through the large windows over the entire length of the hull, as well as the separately separated shower area in the bathroom and many other details, offer maximum comfort on these boats. The use of the most modern work equipment from INO Design is also evident in the driving behavior of all models. The very early planing helps to save fuel and provides a safe and comfortable feeling during acceleration.

The details of all models are of high quality and well thought out. The customer has the option of freely choosing the colors and materials for the interior and exterior fittings.

The first motorboat / yacht to emerge from this cooperation, the 33HT with hardtop, celebrated its premiere in 2014 and the second model followed in 2015, the open-top sport cruiser Deck, the 28SC. 2017 was the year of the premiere of the Cobrey 50 Fly and the trailerable version of the 28 SC, the Cobrey 28 SCL. Now the world premiere Sportcruiser 33 SC is available and can be viewed on our website.

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