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MIZU has made it its business to customize your sports boat to your individual needs. Together with our partners, we can not only implement your wishes in the best possible way, but also make performance on the water a real pleasure. Long tours and relaxed arrival at your destination or sporty gliding over the water - with MIZU sports boats. Our top brands leave nothing to be desired. Get your fun on the water! Thanks to our exclusive range of representations, you can configure your sports boat from the sporty Futuro and the classic Twiel to the COBREY ocean-going yacht.

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  • Cobrey 28 SC
  • Cobrey 33 HT
  • Cobrey 33 SC
  • Cobrey 42 FLY
  • Cobrey 50 FLY
  • Cobrey 52 HT

The Cobrey Yachts shipyard, based in Warsaw, Poland, has been building sporty yachts and motorboats since 2004 and distributes them throughout Europe. Through a cooperation with the designers of the Italian INO Group Design, Cobrey Yachts started developing its new line in 2013.

The design approach, which aims to combine the elegance and quality of large luxury yachts with the dynamic and freedom-loving feeling of sports boats, has been impressively implemented in all Cobrey Yachts models. The whole thing is rounded off by a well thought-out space concept, which enables maximum comfort on board.

The large windows along the entire length of the hull allow plenty of daylight into the interior of the yachts. A separate shower area in the bathroom, intelligently placed storage compartments and many other details guarantee travel comfort on board. The use of state-of-the-art equipment from INO Design is also impressively reflected in the handling of all models. The very early onset of planing helps to save fuel and conveys a safe and comfortable feeling during acceleration.

The details of all models are high-quality and well thought-out. The customer is free to choose the colors and materials of the interior and exterior fittings.

The first motorboat/yacht to emerge from this collaboration, the 33 HT with Hardtop, celebrated its premiere in 2014 and was followed in 2015 by the second model, a sports cruiser with an open deck, the 28 SC. 2017 was the year of the premiere of the Cobrey 50 FLY, followed shortly afterwards by the Sportcruiser 33 SC, and then the Cobrey 42 FLY.

Boot Düsseldorf 2023 then saw the premiere of the two latest Cobrey models: Cobrey 70 FLY and Cobrey 46 Performance.


  • Futuro ZX25
  • Futuro ZX20
  • Futuro ZX20
  • Futuro ZX25
  • Futuro ZX20L
  • Futuro ZX20
  • Futuro ZX20L

FUTURO BOATS is a young, fast-growing company on the Baltic coast of Europe.

The need to build beautiful and solid motorboats to experience great moments on the water with family and friends brought the project to life.

To support new and environmentally friendly technologies, the boats are available with either gasoline or electric drives.

The aluminum hull makes it possible to customize colors and designs. From a carbon look to a polished, reflective surface, your ideas can be realized.

The top-selling ZX 20 leaves nothing to be desired and is a star in its class. ZX 25  is its big brother on the water.

The new Futuro flagship, the Futuro RX30, was launched for the 2024 season.


Twiel Z7 — Enjoy the time

Twiel boat technology manufactured in the volcanic landscape of the Hegau and the shores of Lake Constance. Experience unforgettable hours on the water.

The use of the latest construction techniques in combination with traditional craftsmanship, the highest quality and partly regional materials and a unique design, make each Twiel truly one of a kind. Thanks to the shape of the patented design hull and the modern electric drive, it glides smoothly and silently in the water, resulting in a pleasant sailing experience.

Enjoy the feeling of freedom with unforgettable hours on the water.

The Twiel Z7 with its new boat technology on two hulls will inspire you to new adventures.


Volvo Penta is a leading global supplier of engines and propulsion solutions for a wide range of maritime applications. Driven by innovation, close collaboration with customers and centuries of experience, Volvo offers comprehensive solutions designed to move people, businesses and societies.

We at MIZU are partners of Volvo Penta. Benefit from the know-how of the Volvo Penta Group and stay on the move. As a Volvo contract partner, we offer you a complete service from sales and maintenance to the repair of Volvo engines. Of course, we also offer a service for other popular brands.


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MIZU P-Max BSO II conversion kits

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MIZU BSO II Kit 4,3 ltr.MIZU P-Max Kit 4,3 ltr.
MIZU BSO II Kit 5,0 ltr.MIZU P-Max Kit 5,0 ltr.
MIZU BSO II Kit 5,7 ltr.MIZU P-Max Kit 5,7 ltr.
MIZU BSO II Kit 8,2 ltr.
MIZU P-Max Kit 7,4 ltr.
MIZU P-Max Kit 8,1 ltr.
MIZU P-Max Kit 8,2 ltr.