Super Florida


Riva Super Florida Classic Boat with Lake Constance approval — ideal for Lake Constance! Top condition!

Equipment: compass, battery, anchor, fire extinguisher
Engine: 1x ChrisCraft KLC 120 HP, fuel: unleaded, fuel tank: 100l

RIVA boats epitomize tradition and boatbuilding.

Already in 1842 the shipyard was founded and looks back on a long tradition. In the 1950s, Riva was already the epitome of elegance and perfection. Stars and celebrities are still in the possession of a Riva and appreciate the boatbuilding of the Riva shipyard. The high quality standards and the Italian design make a Riva unmistakable. A must for every boat lover. Unfortunately, only a few well-preserved boats are on the market. The RIVA boats are not just an investment, but a work of art to enjoy.

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Length5,7 m
Beam1,92 m
Draft0,77 m
Expulsion1.700 kg
EngineChrisCraft KLC 120 HP
Fuel tank100 l


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